A weekend of cave diving, climbing and lots of walking.

The frogs have just returned from a weekend in the British lake district. During the weekend the frogs were exploring known and unknown cave/mine systems. The exploration was completed on both o/c and CCR and using lights from the manfrog range. The Blade bk up was attached to the right breathing hose of the CCR as a secondary illumination but in-fact this was sufficient as a main torch. The main torch we used was the Lithium LED canister torch. A very powerful torch with a long burn time.

We also looked at Europes largest copper mine which has a submerged shaft of over 300m. 

The Frogs prepare for the mines.

The Frogs are busy preparing their equipment for the first push into Europe’s largest copper mine. The mines have many tunnels and deep shafts with depths of over 300m. Over the weekend we will be exploring the safety of the mine making sure it is safe for the frogs to dive in. This project will be on-going so if you would like to become involved in this project, let us know!

Back to Work

After a great weekend over at Eyemouth and a final dip in at Capernwray, the weekend was finished with a rear end shunt on the M6. Not a great finish but everyone is ok. All back to work and preparing for the 2012 Dive show at the NEC. Plenty to do to get us there but we should be ready in time. Look forward to seeing you all there and don’t forget to enter our free draw to win the great Blade Backup dive torch.